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Our organization is an online media publication featuring news, finance and investment, fashion, entertainment and more centered around Africans, Africans in the diaspora and African Americans around the world. We have global partnerships expanding our audience in North and South America, Africa, and England.

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Our vision is to change the way Africans see the world around them. We aim to awaken them to a world of resources, opportunities, and ultimately, to provide a means for people, not just living in Africa, but, all over the world to develop a strong sense of self actualization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurial and business motivational opportunities for Africans across the world. Using provided resources as a means of expanding minds limited by lack of social infrastructural amenities. To bring them to the realization and utilization of opportunities that will unleash their potentials

Purpose Statement

Statistics has shown and proven that majority of Africans live in poverty. Our purpose to combat poverty at all level in Africa and surrounding countries by training minds to become more resourceful, self reliant and become entrepreneurial oriented. We pledge to make a difference.. Stand with us, as we stand for those fighting to get on their feet.